An effective video can say more about your organization or product than a written description or presentation ever can.  Innovideo Productions will work with you from concept to final product to ensure your organization has video content that engages your audience and promotes your message. 

Corporate Event & Seminar

If your organization is hosting a conference, seminar, or other special event, video coverage is a crucial component to assure that your event’s message reaches your audience and is seen and heard clearly.  InnoVideo Productions’ team will capture your event with multiple cameras allowing you to project a live video feed at the event, livestream the event online, and use footage to produce edited seminars and highlight videos to be watched whenever.

Recording important moments in your life is crucial but can often be challenging and full of complications.  InnoVideo Productions will record your event using multiple professional cameras and audio equipment.  InnoVideo’s team will edit it into a high quality and professional final product that you can share with your friends and family.

Film & Web Series

InnoVideo Productions has been comprehensively involved in the production of award winning short films and web series.  InnoVideo prides itself on using creative techniques and inventive thinking to create compelling stories.  By producing creative content, InnoVideo continues to experiment with innovative filming techniques and new narrative approaches and applies these insights to better serve their clients.

Live Stream Video

If your organization has an upcoming special event or conference, why not live-stream it online?  Using the venue’s internet connection InnoVideo Productions can easily and cost effectively live-stream your event, allowing you to effectively reach broadest possible audience.

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InnoVideo has the latest equipment to ensure your video project will look at its best and stay relevant for years to come. We have 4k cameras which capture at 4 times the resolution of High Definition, and green screen technology that can be brought to a location of your choosing, or you can capture your video at InnoVideo Productions' studio. InnoVideo has teleprompters to help talent stay on message. We also offer sophisticated graphic animation to accompany video projects.