Promotional & Informative

An effective video can say more about your organization or product than a written description or presentation ever can.  Innovideo Productions will work with you from concept to final product to ensure your organization has video content that engages your audience and promotes your message. 

Award / Anniversary Videos

Creating videos for an organization celebrating 20 years, or a member being recognized for years of hard work.

Recording your Award Ceremony will ensure that individuals that have made a contribution to your organization are fully recognized.  This can be accomplished through video coverage or livestream of the event or a short video highlighting the honoree’s accomplishments.

Highlight Video

Encapsulating the best moments of an event into a comprehnsive narrative.

InnoVideo is capable of turning around highly edited highlight videos in under 24 hours. Capturing the best moments, the greatest soundbites and putting it into a comprehensible narrative for an audience to appreciate. Great for corporate events, Gala dinners, office parties and award ceremonies. 

Employee Training / Recruiting Videos

Let employees know the values of your company, or offer instructions for how to operate internal machinery or systems.

Welcome new employees and let them know the values and culture of your business. Recruit new employees by letting them know how great it is to work for your organization. Have training videos ready to help new employees learn how operate complex software, machinery or business practices. 

Product Launch / Brand awarness

Reach your target audience by letting them know who you are, or announce an exciting new product or service.

Videos that inform, engage and expand your audience. Effective for websites and other forms of social media. 

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