At InnoVideo Productions we realize that every organization has its own unique story. Our videos further our clients' goals by expanding and engaging their ideal audience. 


We offer a wide array of professional video services for businesses and non-profits located in the Washington D.C. area.  Our team captures and edits corporate events, live streams videos, and creates informative and promotional video content.

Shawn Leister-Frazier

Founder & President

Shawn is an award winning Video Production Specialist who has had a passion for video since the age of 10. As a result, Shawn has vast experience with covering nearly every aspect of video production: live television broadcast, music videos, documentaries, award videos, weddings, commercials and movies. In 2015 Shawn earned a Master's Degree in Film and Video Studies from George Mason University.

In 2016 Shawn directed, wrote and edited a short film. The film was accepted into 14 film festivals worldwide won 5 awards and nominations, including "Best Dark Comedy" from Top Shorts Film Festival.

Shawn founded InnoVideo Productions in 2008 to create a truly unique professional video company. To date his video company has worked on hundreds of projects from around the country, and has collaborated with international organizations to create one-of-a-kind videos.