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Shawn Leister-Frazier

Shawn is an award-winning director who founded Innovideo. For more than 15 years, he has covered virtually every aspect of video production across the country. His experience spans managing live virtual studios for national audiences, distance learning, online video tutoring and creative film making.  Shawn earned his MA degree in Film and Video Studies from George Mason University.

James McGrath
Production Engineer

James has worked for over a decade throughout the video industry, including: audio/visual engineer, Technical Director, producer, script writer,  sound engineer, Tricaster operator, video editor, and a videographer for Fortune 500 companies and major news media organizations. James has a BFA in Film, Communications, and Video Journalism from George Mason University.

Ariel Garcia
Branding Specialist

Ariel has conceptual, practical, and technical experience in all aspects of audio-visual production. Over the past 10 years, he has worked as a Senior Multimedia Designer where he specialized in graphic design and branding in higher education. Ariel earned a Certificate in Audio Recording Technology and a BFA in Graphic Design from George Mason University.




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